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Beechgrove is on at 7:30pm on Thursday 4th September on BBC2 Scotland and on Sunday 7th September at 09:30am on BBC2 network. 

In the Beechgrove Garden, it’s time for the great unveiling of George’s show veg. There is certainly nothing parsimonious about the parsnips and nothing leggy about the leeks. George is hoping to be growing for gold at one of the local shows. Meanwhile, veg that we can eat rather than play with. . .Jim is thinking ahead to next year and sowing and planting overwintering veg that give us a head start to delicious early platefuls next year.

Carole visits the new Kitchen Garden at Scone Palace for one last time this year and it’s harvest time. The produce is taken to the Palace kitchens to cook up a feast and the local children (and new gardeners) are able to reap what they sowed.

Jim is with Nora Craig in her cottage garden near Forfar. Nora has lived here for 40 years and her small garden is the old orchard from the original big house – there is even one of the original apple trees ’Annie Elisabeth’ left. Nora has planned her garden to look good in late summer. It’s a gorgeous garden packed with plants and in a tiny but organised space that forces you to get up close and personal with the plants.


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Programme 18 - Leeks

George shows us how to get the most from our leeks and a head start on those who are growing from seed.