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Beechgrove is on at 7:30pm on Thursday 16th October on BBC2 Scotland and on Sunday 19th October at 08:30am on BBC2 network. 

Autumn is the perfect time for planting and Jim wants to try and plant some species that are borderline hardy in Beechgrove but will give them a fighting chance with their position and care and see how they do.  If they grow at Beechgrove, they will grow pretty much anywhere.  This is also the perfect time for fruit pruning but for most people it’s a complicated subject.  Jim takes us through the basics and makes it a- look twice, cut once-simple job. 

Carole and George are helping out with the final stages of a community garden in the Borders.  Nestled in a sheltered bay on the Solway Firth, Auchencairn has the best of the Scottish growing conditions.  By building a new bridge in the centre of the village, the community created a new space for a garden.  The area was known in the past for smuggling activities and is now a haven for artists.  Carole and George help uncover buried treasure in this inspirational new garden. 

Here is a sneak peak of this week's programme.



Apply for New Builds 2015

For the 2015 series of Beechgrove Garden, we would like to find two new families who are interested in learning how to garden.  Are you starting out with a new house and a new garden and need some help with what to do and how to start gardening?

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Apply for Problem Corner 2015

We are looking for enthusiastic people willing to get involved and assist us in solving their particular problem.  We like to cover a wide variety of projects, so it can be common problems faced by many gardeners or more unusual items specific to your particular location.

Problem Corner Application Form -


Apply for Community Gardens 2015

We are looking for enthusiastic community groups of all descriptions with ideas for improving a piece of disused or undeveloped local land.  We are interested in a wide variety of projects, so, unusual or especially imaginative plans will be most welcome.  Whatever you choose to do, the project should benefit the local community and environment.

Community Gardens Application Form -


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Programme 24 - Layering Bulbs

Carole gives her recipe for months of spring colour by layering bulbs in a big pot.